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Erik Jackson, American Music Producer

Bio & Discography

Music Artist:

Erik Jackson

Genres of Music:

Jazz Fusion / Drum n' Bass / Instrumental / Hip Hop / EDM


Erik Jackson is an American music producer and sound engineer. Heavily influenced by jazz, hip-hop, and EDM Erik creates a soundtrack to every sunset.


Releasing material through Nuages Records and a slew of other global labels, Erik’s heady brand of experimental, (largely) instrumental hip-hop/jazz/DnB has been praised by everyone from hardcore underground hip-hop heads, Drum and Bass purists to traditional jazz fans around the globe. 


Erik’s work has spread globally, after the release of his album, Rainy Days. Erik's music is a nod to many genres but could not be labeled as any one of them. A Jazz, Drum, and Bass, Hip Hop mixture that transcended time and genres alike. Erik has continued weaving his way in out of these genres in his latest albums. Erik brings fresh creativity with his sound, typically leaning more toward the abstract, applying heavy effects and sample manipulation to thick, intelligent breaks, layered with almost ambient textures, and subtle, inventive scratching. He has over 17 albums across all forms of distribution channels.

Discography: Top Tracks

Discography: Latest Releases

Erik Jackson on the Dave Smith Synth
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