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Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop, and Drum-n-Bass

A heady Lo-Fi brand of experimental (largely) instrumental hip-hop/jazz DnB is the sound of Erik Jackson.

Take his 2012 album Rainy Days, released by Nuages Records, the artist has a hard time describing it as just one genre. When asked, Erik Jackson replied,

“I really can’t put this album into a genre. It’s Jazz. It’s Soul. It’s Hip-Hop. It’s Drum and Bass. It’s everything, that’s me.”

Before Erik was able to get a handle on his YouTube rights the album was being shared by fans all over the world.

One fan comments,

"Rain and tremendous music. Audio ecstasy with a connection from the ear to the heart"

The album is also offered on vinyl record and cassette tape on

Erik Jackson has continued weaving his way in and out of these genres and creating his own unique sound. Typically leaning more toward the abstract, applying heavy effects and sample manipulation with the MPC and Ableton to thick, intelligent breaks, layered with almost ambient textures, and subtle, inventive scratching. His music is often compared to DJ Krush and LTJ Bukem.


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